Hen Parties in Cambridge

Following a general theme of 1) afternoon activity 2) eating 3) drinking and 4) dancing, I have included what we did in Cambridge, along with stories from other hens!

Cambridge accommodation

(I didn't have to organise this hen do so could sit back and fully enjoy!) We stayed at the Gonville Hotel in Cambridge - about a ten minute walk from the train station as you head towards the city centre. This was a Best Western hotel and had nice twin rooms and a decent breakfast the morning after! Would you like to book a hen party at this hotel? Then drop me a line to help@henpartyhelp.co.uk and I will try and negotiate you a discount!

Lunch and wine tasting 

We met at the hotel and then walked to a gastropub called D'Arrys on King Street.  (This was probably a 15 minute walk from the hotel - but we got lost and it took us a bit longer to get there!)

We had the private room for lunch which was lovely - perfect for about 18 people. Then after lunch, a local sommelier came and gave us a brief tutorial on wine tasting and he brought with him his own wines for us to taste. He gave us a little team quiz, we played a kind of call my bluff wine game, and he also coined the brilliant phrase "and all that shirazmatazz." What a great wine based pun I thought. 

Private dining room 

After wine tasting, we ambled back to the hotel to get ready for the evening's entertainment. The dress code was glam. I had a frock and some killer heels. 

Dinner was booked in a private dining room within the Italian restaurant called De Luca in the middle of Cambridge (only a 5 minute walk from the hotel).  

The dinner was from a set menu and v. tasty. We drank champagne, vodka shots and some pink wine. (Pink wine? That's obviously my wine tasting lingo coming out there).  

Hen Party games and dares

During dinner we played Mr and Mrs where each hen asked the bride to be a question which the bridesmaids had previously asked her fiancĂ©e. And, irrespective of whether she got the question right or wrong, she had to do a forfeit. These forfeits ranged from compliment a waiter on his hairstyle to pretend you're on Strictly Come Dancing. (There was also one that said she had to dance round a pole. Now, with the bride to be herself being Polish, she thought that for this one all she had to do was dance round one of her fellow countrymen.....). Other dares included saying the alphabet backwards whilst wearing a man's item of clothing (with a vodka shot waiting for when she failed). 

Saturday night - clubbing in Cambridge

After dinner, we were booked in to go dancing to Ballare in the middle of Cambridge. We got there about 11.30pm and we were on the guest list. Other parties were in some brilliant fancy dress outfits (as it was Hallowe'en). I think the hen got away lightly in a bright pink dancing skirt and a bright pink feather boa! More shots followed but by this time my shoes were living up to their killer heel status (ie.my feet were killing me), so I and a few others bailed at about 1am and I insisted on getting a cab back to the hotel (it cost about a fiver)! 

All in all, a great hen do. Thank you to the organisers! 

Other ideas for Cambridge

Another bride to be - Lovely Laura from Doncaster - had her hen do in 2010 - also in Cambridge. She had a great time going chauffeured punting along the river before a picnic on the riverbank.

Hen party badge

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