Mr and Mrs can make a great game for any hen party. All you need to do is ask the groom some questions, note down his answers and then see if the bride says the same answers! Simple. For every one she gets wrong, you could make her do a forfeit and for every one she gets right she could get a little present. 

Example questions are 

About the groom.....
What is your shirt collar size? 
What's your favourite band? 
If the bride to be could get rid of one item in your wardrobe what would it be?
Where were you born? 
What would you avoid like the plague?
What celebrity do you most look like?
What is your best feature? 
What was your first job?
If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? 
What's the most embarrassing thing you have ever done? 

About the bride to be

What is her speciality in the kitchen? 
What size of feet does she have?
Which celebrity does she look most like?
What is her nickname for you?
Which animal would she be and why?
What's the most embarrassing thing she has ever done? 
What job would she most like to do in the world? 
What is her worst habit?

About you both
Where did you meet? 
What was the first film you saw together?
Where were you when you first realised you were in love with her? 
What do you love most about her? 
What does she love most about you?
Who is likely to be the most hungover guest after your wedding?  

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