A few people have asked me about good hen party games. I have some suggestions here - and also a link to a great website that is full of ideas of games for a hen do.

How about a Mr and Mrs quiz for the bride to be? Read my earlier blog post for some inspiration for questions. 

"Would you rather" is also quite amusing. I actually bought a box game of this quiz ages ago and it's billed as "The Game of diabolical dilemmas!" It's basically a set of very random alternative questions. For example - would you rather A) look like a fish or B) smell like a fish? Or would you rather A) spill red wine down your sister's white wedding dress before she even gets to the church or B) pee your pants in a board meeting? Would you rather have A) sperm that talks or B) poo that swims?!!!

What you can do with this game is nominate a quiz master to ask the questions and then get people to put down their own answers as well what they think the bride to be will answer. 

"I have never" is always a good drinking game. Each person has to say something they have never done (eg. I have never worn boxer shorts, I have never had a threesome etc. etc.) and then all those who have done it have to drink a bit of their drink. Can all be quite revealing!!!

I was talking to a girl the other day at a wedding and she told me about a game they played at her hen party. I would call it the "body parts photo game." It's basically where you show the bride to be various photos of men's body parts (don't be rude!! I was thinking more his elbow, his ear, his knee!) and she has to guess which ones are from her husband to be's body and which ones are from a different man!! Sounds like it could be very amusing. 

I've also come across a great website packed full of ideas for hen party games. Check out http://www.henpartygames.net/ .

Hope this all helps the hen party be one to remember (or may be not - judging by the levels of alcohol that may be consumed!!).