Quite a few people are asking about hen party books and what messages they should write in them. This is quite a toughie as I guess you want the message to be fairly short and quite sweet (without being too sickly!) but also personal to the bride to be. 

I would suggest thinking about one or two key moments that you and the hen have shared and definitely write about them. Is there one particular memory that always come to mind when you think of her? Dancing around the living room and playing Singstar for example? You could start the message with "I'll never forget that day/night when....." (although may be don't include any ex-boyfriend stories!) and continue by saying what a great sister/friend/daughter she has been. You're delighted that she's found the love of her life, and that she's going to be a wife (hey that rhymes!) but before the big day there's her hen weekend which you hope will be fantastic. 

If you are the one putting the book together you might want to open it with a poem (see below for a suggested verse). For more hen party verses and inspiration, please check out the poems page of this website. 

Dear (bride's name),

Please take a moment and have a look,
At this very special hen party book. 
We've filled it with photos and messages galore,
So open it up and start to explore!

Still stuck? Don't know what message you should write? Then why not drop me a line on help@henpartyhelp.co.uk with a few details about the bride to be and how you know her and I will help you to write some rhyming verses. 

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