I've written several hen party poems this week for people and have had some really lovely feedback. 

One girl wrote "Thank you so much Lisa, I love it."  
Another wrote "I think it's brilliant - thank you!"

Check out some example verses I've written on the poems page of this website. 
After sending her a poem, one girl wrote back to me and said (and I swear I'm not making this up...)

"Ah wow, that is super. I'm so overwhelmed, you're a very clever lady!!! It's fantastic....Do you only do Hen Party poems? I've shown a couple of friends the poem and they're amazed and a few of them are wanting to do something along the same lines as me, but for friends' 30th birthdays and mums' birthdays etc? I'm really impressed and will definitely be recommending you!"

Just to let you know that we've launched a sister site www.poemwriter.co.uk where by we write bespoke poems for any occasion - be it a wedding, birthday or anniversary.  

When you're keen to find the perfect gift but aren't sure what to buy,
Or you've got to speak in public and you're feeling rather shy. 

.....check out the rest of this poem on  http://www.poemwriter.co.uk/p/our-services.html