Someone asked me the other day whether I thought Mums should go on hen dos.  

I have to say I'm of the school of thought that says that mothers should be invited to at least one of their daughter's hen dos. I've been to quite a few celebrations where mothers and even mother-in-laws have been invited and it's been a really nice touch. There's always the option that the mothers peel off home before the night gets too raucous!
If you're close to your Mum then it probably won't be such a hard decision for you.  I'm lucky in that I get on with my mum and she's a really good laugh, so if I ever get married and have a hen do she'll certainly be invited to the party I have in my home town. 

My sister got married a few years ago and had three hen dos (!) One was in our home town of Doncaster where we went for a meal and had some drinks in town and my mum and aunties were all invited. It made for a really nice night and that's when I thought "I'll definitely invite my Mum and Aunties on my hen do."

What are your thoughts? Did your Mum come on your hen do? Did you invite your mum and wish you hadn't? Or vice versa? Email me your stories on 

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