Kate (originally from Norfolk but now living in London and Abu Dhabi!) helped organise the hen party for her friend Caroline, and this is what they got up to....

"Thanks to Hen Party Help, I managed to arrange a fabulous weekend hen do in London for my best friend from University. We have known each other for years so it was easy to know what she would and wouldn't like, but organising 20 people was slightly more difficult!

Many of us were London based so we decided to reduce costs and stay close to home but moved the Bride in to stay with the bridesmaids so she didn't see the Groom at all.  

We started off on Saturday afternoon with a cocktail making class at The Loft in Clapham North. It was absolutely superb, the staff were brilliant and we all got to go behind the bar and make up our own cocktails (with their expert guidance!). The bar was pretty quiet at 3pm on a Saturday afternoon so we made a mess and got quite giggly. Highly recommended. The group then stayed on for a few more cocktails while I dashed to Incognico (thank you Hen Party Help!) to decorate the room with photos of the Bride as a child, a mask of the Groom for each of the hens, the obligatory willy straws and a reminder of everyone's menu choices (once an organiser, always an organiser!).

When the group arrived, the Bride was delighted with how beautiful and chic the room was, and we had a complimentary glass of Prosecco to start us off. Again, the staff were wonderful and having a private room meant we had our own music, and with the DVD player were were able to play a romantic compilation of bride and groom photos from across the years. A few tears were shed, I am sure!

Again, with thanks to the wonderful Hen Party Help, I composed a poem for the Bride, giving each hen a verse to read. I made sure to tailor each verse to the person reading it so there was a personal touch for everyone. Unfortunately, we might have waited a little too late in the evening, too much wine meant it may be wasn't as poignant as it could have been but I made sure the Bride had a copy of it the next day (along with a wine soaked mask, a willy straw and all the photos!)

We then moved to Graphic, a gin bar on Golden Square in Soho. We had booked an area and even though it was 11pm by this point, the staff made sure our area was free and provided us with table service. The DJ allowed for some controlled dancing (clubbing was never an option for this hen do!). 

Finally (!) on Sunday we all met up at the City Point Club Spa on Ropemaker Street for a day of pampering. Thanks to the bride's sister, we got an amazing deal of all day use of the facilities including two 25 minute appointments and a lunch with a glass of wine (not many of us drank it though!). The staff were wonderful and we all felt like princesses by the end of the day. And thanks to the steam room and plunge pool, the hangovers had mostly disappeared. 

So much of this was compiled using Hen Party Help - thank you so, so much! And a tip for anyone reading - if you are ever invited on a hen do, please make sure to reply to all emails from the organiser and send payments as soon as you can!!"

Thank you Kate for sending us this info. For more tips and advice related to hen partying in the capital, check out the London page of this site. Or read what Cassie got up to when she went on Ellie's hen party in May 2012.