Looking to book the accommodation for your hen do but no idea where to start?  A couple of websites I could recommend for cheap hotel deals are Alpha Rooms and trivago. 

See if they do any group discounts as well as no doubt you will be travelling on masse!

Venturing abroad for your party but again bamboozled by all the different websites out there. How about trying Net Flights for cheap flights and hotel rooms. 

If you've found a great website for hen party bookings then do tell me about it - I'd love to hear from you. 

Hen Party Hotels
What little touches can you add to make the weekend/week/fortnight (!) extra special? Is there any chance you can get into the hens room before she arrives and leave her a party bag - packed with headache tablets, a map (in case she gets lost), a list of contact details for everyone (again in case she gets lost - which of course she won't with you all looking after her), a condom (for comedy value), an eye mask, and any other accessories that she may need for the night out. 

Could you fill the room with a few balloons or a bottle of fizz (doesn't have to be champagne if you're on a budget it can always be cava or prosecco) for when she arrives. 

Or you could be brave and tell them you're part of a hen party beforehand and see if they'll do anything for the bride to be's room. 

When we stayed in Manchester we all gathered in one hotel room before we went out and had some fizz, I read a poem and we played some games (it was quite a large room!). 

Hen party flights
So you're all checked in and ready to go. What next? Well you definitely need to treat the bride to be for a drink in the departure lounge (even if it's the morning!) and then you can dish out any accessories you'd like people to wear. But remember - try not to get so drunk that they won't let you on the plane - that would be a disaster!