Lucy from London has been in touch about a hen party that she recently organised. The main activity on the Saturday was a dance class booked with Dance Connection

The choreographer was called Allan Jay and this is what Lucy had to say about him "he did such a fab job keeping 21 girls in control and making sure we learnt the whole routine in the allotted time. It was his suggestion to do Jai Ho and everyone loved it - it was absolutely perfect. We have recorded the routine and will be dancing it at the wedding as a surprise."

Dance Connection have a studio in cental London (EC1Y 4SF), or Allan may be able to travel to your venue, depending on location. To find out more details, please contact Jocelyn on 020 8520 5213 or email

Read on to find out what else Lucy and the girls got up to. 

What's your home town? Most of the hens were based in London. The Bride to be (B2B for short!) is Australian but has lived in the UK for 6 years. 

Where did you have the hen party? I chose Brighton for the Hen do as we wanted to go somewhere for the weekend and rent a house but it needed to be close to London so that people could get there quickly and also so that people could join late if they couldn't make the full two nights or had kids to get back to. 

When? As the wedding is in India (in 2 weeks) and people have spent a lot of money on flights and accommodation there, I decided to do the hen do five months prior to the wedding to spread costs out for people so it was in November 2012. 

Did you organise the hen party? Yes - the other two bridesmaids live in Australia so they are organising the Hens in Goa next week.  

How many were in your party? 21

Where did you stay? A beautiful little house called Little Paris - with 4 bedrooms with bunkbeds - perfect for a hen party and really tasetfully decorated.  

How far is that from the main train station? Was a 10 min taxi from train station. 

What did you do in the day? Itinerary was as follows: 

On the Friday approx half the group arrived after work, had lasagne, drinks and generally just a girls' night in (face masks etc.) 

The hen do officially started at 11:30am on the Saturday with Brunch in teh house. I had done an Ocado food and drink shop and got it all delivered to the house so we were fully stocked up. Over brunch we played a game where everyone brings a momento that evokes a funny story or memory of the B2B. I put all the things in a bag and she had to figure out who brought the gift and tell the story - it's a great way of getting everyone to know each other and how they know the Bride to Be. Anything she got wrong she needed to take a dare from the bag. 

After brunch I gave everyone goodie bags with an Indian sari fabric, indian bling & bindis which I had purchased in Malaysia on a recent holiday. The bride had a special headpiece & sari. We all went to our rooms and got Bollywooded up ready for the dancing. I had booked a studio nearby for the dancing which Allan had recommended. We had a two hour slot in a dance studio learning the routine - EVERYONE LOVED IT and had so much fun. It really got us all excited about the actual wedding in India. After the dancing we had dinner at home, followed by cocktails prepared and served to us by two butlers in the buff. Then we headed out to a club until the wee hours of the morning - miraculously everyone made it home in one piece. 

How would you rate Dance Connection? Excellent. We had 2 hours in the studio and needed to make sure we learnt the whole routine (as we are dancing it at the wedding) at the same time you want to make sure everyone is having a laugh. Allan did a great job balancing the two. 

Where did you have dinner? I had pre-ordered Indian takeaway for us to have at the house as I was working to a very tight budget. 

Did you go clubbing? Yes - we went to the honey club - and got a VIP table. We were lucky as the music was really funky and everyone had a brilliant night. 

How good was the weekend? AMAZING if I do say so myself :-)

What was the highlight? Too many to name just one - Butlers in the Buff were fun, the Bollywood dancing was the most memorable part and the photos and video from the 2 hours are a great reminder. Across the weekend, the B2B wore some great outfits including a personalised Onesie on the train down, a little miss Sunshine on the Sunday, and a mankini over a bikini on the Saturday plus a sari and headpiece.